Hot Off The Press! Big Bike Parts Can-Am Accessories Catalog       

Hot Off The Press! Big Bike Parts Can-Am Accessories Catalog

New Product Release

Can-Am Accessories Catalog


Rice Lake, WI – Big Bike Parts® has a new Can-Am Accessories Catalog fresh off the press, where you will find everything for the latest Rykers, RTs, F3s and older model Can-Am Spyders. Look for a copy arriving at your doorstep in May. If you’d like to get added to the mailing list, or receive a copy, please let us know and we will send one out. This edition of the catalog is full of nearly 200 accessories for the Can-Am Spyder and Ryker, including some exciting new product that we were able photograph but have not yet been officially announced to the public. So grab a copy, get a sneak peek at some new products, and enjoy the wonderful riding weather.


Adjustable Clear Windshield for Can-Am Ryker       

Adjustable Clear Windshield for Can-Am Ryker

New Product Release

Adjustable Clear Windshield

for Can-Am Ryker


Rice Lake, WI – Show Chrome Accessories® adds a clear version to its top selling adjustable position windshield for the Can-Am Ryker. It is made from DOT acrylic to maximize safety and long term use. It is a generous 16” tall and 21” wide, providing a comfortable rider pocket. Mounts to OEM instrument cluster using OEM mounting points. This allows a full 3” of movement from full forward to all the way back, allowing positioning at 110° vertical to 125° back or anywhere in between. Made in the USA

Adjustable Clear Windshield for Can-Am Ryker

Part # 20-402C

MSRP $249.95


Foot Pegs And Boards On Sale! + New Products – Insider News for April 2021       

Celebrating  40 Years Of Quality Motorcycle Products.
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New Products

Handlebar Riser Kit

For Can-Am Spyder

Billet Aluminum. Adjusts Up To

1-1/8” Backward And 1-3/8” Upward.

Handlebar Riser Kit For Spyder RT

For Can-Am Spyder RT (2020 & newer)

Spyder F3 (2018 & newer)

Quick Detach Backrest Kit

For Honda GL1800 Gold Wing

Pad Style Compliments The 2021 Gold Wing Seat. Adjusts For Comfort.

Quci Detach Backrest For GL1800

For Honda GL1800 Gold Wing

(2018 & newer)

UltraGard® Black & Charcoal

Classic Cover For Slingshot

Windshield, Roll Bar & Tail Fin Liners, Vented,   Front & Rear Draw Straps, Storage Pouch.

Cover For Polaris Slingshot

For Polaris


Hopnel™ Trunk Organizer Set

For Honda GL1800 Gold Wing

Seven Storage Pockets.

Mounts Without Drilling.

Trunk Organizer For GL1800

For Honda GL1800 Gold Wing

(2018 & newer)

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Tour Trunk Organizer for 2021 Gold Wing       

Tour Trunk Organizer for 2021 Gold Wing

New Product Release

Tour Trunk Organizer

For 2021 Gold Wing


Rice Lake, WI – Hopnel™ sewn products has updated its popular GL1800 Tour Trunk Organizer to now fit the 2021 Gold Wing. It does not take away helmet storage space and includes left and right-side storage. Utilizing existing OEM screws and supplemental hook and loop anchoring. No holes to drill! The left side has two 11” x 7” storage pockets, one with a covered opening, the other hidden behind. The right side has a covered 6” x 6” pouch for added storage with an additional pocket behind, as well as a 5” x 5” open mesh pocket. This pouch system is great to store smaller items, which could include glasses, wallet, camera, etc. Fits all GL1800 from 2018 and newer.

Tour Trunk Organizer

Part # HG18TO

MSRP $69.95


See Our Growing List Of Accessories For the 2021 Honda Gold Wing.       

Big Bike Parts® Is Celebrating 40 Years In The Motorcycle Industry!

New Product Release

2021 Honda GL1800 Gold Wing Fitments


Rice Lake, WI – When Big Bike Parts® designs new accessories they are created around safety, comfort and convenience! The new 2021 Gold Wing is no exception with over 113 accessories for this new model, Big Bike Parts® has safety, comfort and convenience covered in multiple ways. Must have accessories for safety include: Fog Lights, Driving Lights, Turnsignals, Saddlebag Lights, and Marker Lights. The must have comfort accessories are: Backrests, Highway Boards and Windshields. Convenience items sometimes become necessities and include: Storage Pouches, Trunk Liners, Saddlebag Liners, Trunk Organizer, Trunk Racks and Covers. Watch for the next dozen new accessories to be introduced over the next three months.

2-82          Screaming Eagle Emblem

2-8            H-Wing Emblem-Flat

13-311      Electronic Fuse Block

16-120A    Amber Accent Light

16-121R    Red Accent Light

16-123B    Blue Accent Light

16-125      Universal Trailer Harness

16-127      5-To-4 Trailer Wire Converter

16-131SK Smoke License Plate T/S

16-132      Contour LED License Plate

16-30        Replacement Relay

3-112        Flush Reusable Rivets

4-101        Kickstand Disk

4-137        Windshield Cleaner / Polish

4-201A      2-1/2″ Filter Wrench

4-220        Air Pressure Gauge

4-235        Rubber Kickstand Foot

4-238        18″ Looped Nylon Tie Down

4-255        Safety Tag – Not Safe To Ride

5-108        Oil Filter

52-627      Handlebar Clamp Plugs

52-691      5 Piece Rubber Grommet Set

52-692      LED License Plate Holder

52-707SK Smoke Handlebar Dampeners

52-712      Handlebar Dampeners

52-820      Dual USB Auxiliary Socket

52-835B    Beverage Holder – Chrome

52-835BK  Beverage Holder – Black

52-836       Armrest Beverage Holder

52-839A    GPS/Phone Handlebar Mount

52-844A    Gadget Bar

52-920      Quick Detach Backrest

52-920T    Quick Detach Tall Backrest

52-922A    Amber LED Marker Light Set

52-923R    Red LED Marker Light Set

52-925      LampGard Headlight Guard

52-928      Trailer Harness

52-929      Brake Pedal Cover

52-931      Rear Fender Filler

52-932      Engine Guard Opening Trim

52-933U   Upper Wind Deflector Kit

52-934L    Lower Wind Deflector Kit

52-935BK Brake Switch Block

52-937      Black Ft Fender Extension

52-938      GT Tour Cowl Light

52-939A    Tapered Seat Bolts

52-940      Front Fender Tip Accent

52-940BK Ft Fender Tip Black Accent

52-941      Front Fender Side Accents

52-941BK Ft Fender Side Accents Blk

52-942      Electronic Fuse Block

52-943      Caliper Covers – Chrome

52-943BK Caliper Covers – Black

52-946      Saddlebag Side Acct Lights

52-947BK  Beverage Holder

52-949      Brake Light Modulator

52-952A    Amber Lens Marker Lights

52-953R    Red Lens Marker Light Set

52-954      Cylinder Head Cover

52-955      2-Port USB Socket

52-957      GT Saddlebag Scuff Strips

52-958      Commander Pass. Inserts

52-959       Frt Fender Vent Accent CH

52-959BK  Frt Fender Vent Accent BK

52-960      Side Panel Vent Accent CH

52-960BK  Side Panel Vent Accent BK

52-961E    Passenger Board Riser Set

52-962      Frame Cover – Chrome

52-962BK Frame Cover – Black

52-963      Engine Side Covers Chrome

5-302        M12x1.5 Magnetic Drain Plug

53-106A    Stick On Flames 6″ Pair

53-108A    Stick On Flames 8″ Pair

5-419         Air Filter

5-801        Silver Straight Valve Stem

5-801BK   Black Straight Valve Stem

5-802        90° Nickel Valve Stem

5-803        24” Valve Stem Extension

Bags, Pouches & Organizers

4-603       Touring Luggage Rack Bag

H18SL     920 Saddlebag Liner

HG18GP  Tour Glove Pouch

HG18TO  Trunk Organizer

HG18TP   Tour Tank Pouch

Pegs & Boards

21-354      Chrome Beachcomber Hwy

21-354BK Black Beachcomber Hwy

21-355J    Rail Hwy Mount Pegs

21-355K    Diamond Hwy Mount Pegs

21-355L    Teardrop Hwy Mount Pegs

21-355P    Flame Hwy Mount Pegs

21-355Q   Celestar Hwy Mount Pegs

21-355R   Mini Board Hwy Mount Set

21-357      Chrome Beachcomber Driver

21-357BK Black Beachcomber Driver

21-358      Commander Hwy Boards

21-358BK Blk Commander Hwy Board

21-359      Commander Driver Boards

21-359BK Black Commander Driver

21-523J    Rail Driver Peg Set

21-523K   Diamond Peg Set

21-523L    Teardrop Peg Set

21-523P   Flame Driver Peg Set

21-523Q   Celestar Driver Peg Set

21-523R   Mini Board Driver Set

UltraGard Covers

4-454BB  Tour Blue/Black Cover

4-454BC  Tour Black/Charcoal Cover

4-458BK  Black Half Cover

4-458G    Gray Half Cover

4-354       Essentials Cover

4-358       Essentials Tour Half Cover


20-521      Clear Tour Windshield

20-521T    Tinted Tour Windshield

20-522DT  Euro Sport Shield Dark

20-522T    Euro Sport Windshield


UltraGard® Classic Cover Now for Polaris Slingshot       

UltraGard® Classic Cover Now for Polaris Slingshot

New Product Release

UltraGard® Classic Cover 

Now for Polaris Slingshot


Rice Lake, WI – UltraGard® powersports covers brings their knowledge and sewing skills to the Polaris Slingshot with unparalleled value with their Classic Series Cover. Fits all models of Slingshot including the latest 2021 offering. This outstanding cover has UltraGard® interlocking double stitched seams for durability and high visibility logo and reflective accent strip that UltraGard® Classic Covers are known. Its black over charcoal design is a great compliment to the fast lines of the Slingshot. Includes bungee cord at hem, zippered storage pouch and air vent flaps to allow warmer air to escape. Includes liners for windshield, roll bar and tail fin. Draw strap front and rear allows the hem to be cinched tight with a quick release buckle.  

UltraGard® Classic Cover for Slingshot

Part # 4-479BC

MSRP $129.95