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New Product Release

2021 Honda GL1800 Gold Wing Fitments


Rice Lake, WI – When Big Bike Parts® designs new accessories they are created around safety, comfort and convenience! The new 2021 Gold Wing is no exception with over 113 accessories for this new model, Big Bike Parts® has safety, comfort and convenience covered in multiple ways. Must have accessories for safety include: Fog Lights, Driving Lights, Turnsignals, Saddlebag Lights, and Marker Lights. The must have comfort accessories are: Backrests, Highway Boards and Windshields. Convenience items sometimes become necessities and include: Storage Pouches, Trunk Liners, Saddlebag Liners, Trunk Organizer, Trunk Racks and Covers. Watch for the next dozen new accessories to be introduced over the next three months.

2-82          Screaming Eagle Emblem

2-8            H-Wing Emblem-Flat

13-311      Electronic Fuse Block

16-120A    Amber Accent Light

16-121R    Red Accent Light

16-123B    Blue Accent Light

16-125      Universal Trailer Harness

16-127      5-To-4 Trailer Wire Converter

16-131SK Smoke License Plate T/S

16-132      Contour LED License Plate

16-30        Replacement Relay

3-112        Flush Reusable Rivets

4-101        Kickstand Disk

4-137        Windshield Cleaner / Polish

4-201A      2-1/2″ Filter Wrench

4-220        Air Pressure Gauge

4-235        Rubber Kickstand Foot

4-238        18″ Looped Nylon Tie Down

4-255        Safety Tag – Not Safe To Ride

5-108        Oil Filter

52-627      Handlebar Clamp Plugs

52-691      5 Piece Rubber Grommet Set

52-692      LED License Plate Holder

52-707SK Smoke Handlebar Dampeners

52-712      Handlebar Dampeners

52-820      Dual USB Auxiliary Socket

52-835B    Beverage Holder – Chrome

52-835BK  Beverage Holder – Black

52-836       Armrest Beverage Holder

52-839A    GPS/Phone Handlebar Mount

52-844A    Gadget Bar

52-920      Quick Detach Backrest

52-920T    Quick Detach Tall Backrest

52-922A    Amber LED Marker Light Set

52-923R    Red LED Marker Light Set

52-925      LampGard Headlight Guard

52-928      Trailer Harness

52-929      Brake Pedal Cover

52-931      Rear Fender Filler

52-932      Engine Guard Opening Trim

52-933U   Upper Wind Deflector Kit

52-934L    Lower Wind Deflector Kit

52-935BK Brake Switch Block

52-937      Black Ft Fender Extension

52-938      GT Tour Cowl Light

52-939A    Tapered Seat Bolts

52-940      Front Fender Tip Accent

52-940BK Ft Fender Tip Black Accent

52-941      Front Fender Side Accents

52-941BK Ft Fender Side Accents Blk

52-942      Electronic Fuse Block

52-943      Caliper Covers – Chrome

52-943BK Caliper Covers – Black

52-946      Saddlebag Side Acct Lights

52-947BK  Beverage Holder

52-949      Brake Light Modulator

52-952A    Amber Lens Marker Lights

52-953R    Red Lens Marker Light Set

52-954      Cylinder Head Cover

52-955      2-Port USB Socket

52-957      GT Saddlebag Scuff Strips

52-958      Commander Pass. Inserts

52-959       Frt Fender Vent Accent CH

52-959BK  Frt Fender Vent Accent BK

52-960      Side Panel Vent Accent CH

52-960BK  Side Panel Vent Accent BK

52-961E    Passenger Board Riser Set

52-962      Frame Cover – Chrome

52-962BK Frame Cover – Black

52-963      Engine Side Covers Chrome

5-302        M12x1.5 Magnetic Drain Plug

53-106A    Stick On Flames 6″ Pair

53-108A    Stick On Flames 8″ Pair

5-419         Air Filter

5-801        Silver Straight Valve Stem

5-801BK   Black Straight Valve Stem

5-802        90° Nickel Valve Stem

5-803        24” Valve Stem Extension

Bags, Pouches & Organizers

4-603       Touring Luggage Rack Bag

H18SL     920 Saddlebag Liner

HG18GP  Tour Glove Pouch

HG18TO  Trunk Organizer

HG18TP   Tour Tank Pouch

Pegs & Boards

21-354      Chrome Beachcomber Hwy

21-354BK Black Beachcomber Hwy

21-355J    Rail Hwy Mount Pegs

21-355K    Diamond Hwy Mount Pegs

21-355L    Teardrop Hwy Mount Pegs

21-355P    Flame Hwy Mount Pegs

21-355Q   Celestar Hwy Mount Pegs

21-355R   Mini Board Hwy Mount Set

21-357      Chrome Beachcomber Driver

21-357BK Black Beachcomber Driver

21-358      Commander Hwy Boards

21-358BK Blk Commander Hwy Board

21-359      Commander Driver Boards

21-359BK Black Commander Driver

21-523J    Rail Driver Peg Set

21-523K   Diamond Peg Set

21-523L    Teardrop Peg Set

21-523P   Flame Driver Peg Set

21-523Q   Celestar Driver Peg Set

21-523R   Mini Board Driver Set

UltraGard Covers

4-454BB  Tour Blue/Black Cover

4-454BC  Tour Black/Charcoal Cover

4-458BK  Black Half Cover

4-458G    Gray Half Cover

4-354       Essentials Cover

4-358       Essentials Tour Half Cover


20-521      Clear Tour Windshield

20-521T    Tinted Tour Windshield

20-522DT  Euro Sport Shield Dark

20-522T    Euro Sport Windshield